Welcome to the Project!

Thanks for visiting the Pokémon Conjure main page!

This page is simply a main page, which holds some quick access links for those whom want to play.

Use the navigation bar at the top to access the various pages on the site.

How to Play

You need to download the 0.0.1 patch and then patch it to a V 1.0 Vanilla Firered ROM first. Then you patch the current version patch to your 0.0.1 patch.

You can also follow the guide here for everything you need to know.

Authors and Contributors

Hajima (@hajimapc) and Nonibros (@nonibros) are currently the main contributors to the project. Check the "Credits" page to see who else has contributed.


Having an issue with the project website? Found bugs in the patches? Want to suggest new features? You can PM either Hajima or Nonibros on the main site, post in the thread, or post in the forums and we’ll work on the issue as soon as we can and maybe incorporate the feature as well.